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Lupus nephritis is a sort of kidney sickness achieved by precise lupus erythematosus NIH outer connection (SLE or lupus). Lupus is a safe framework sickness NIH outside connect — an issue where the body’s resistant framework goes after the body’s own cells and organs. Kidney illness achieved by lupus could crumble for a really long time and lead to kidney failure. On the off chance that your kidneys fizzle, you will require dialysis or a kidney relocate to keep up with your prosperity.

Get the lupus nephritis treatment from a kidney illness specialist in Anantapuram, Dr. Surendra Babu M.

What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis?

The side effects of lupus nephritis could consolidate foamy pee and enema — enlarging that happens when your body has an abundance of liquid, regularly in the legs, feet, or lower leg, and now and again in the hands or face. You may similarly foster hypertension.

Kidney issues habitually start all the while or soon after lupus side effects NIH outer connection show up and can integrate

  • Joint pain or swelling
  • Muscle pain
  • Fever with no known reason
  • A red rash, frequently on the face, across the nose and cheeks, sometimes known as butterfly rash due to its shape

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